Little Girl in Volkswagen Christmas Commercial:

Volkswagen wishes people Merry Christmas in a new commercial, featuring a little girl that is waiting for Santa.

The 30-second spot, promoting the optional Fatigue Detection system for VW vehicles, shows the kid sitting in front of the chimney, waiting for Santa to come down and bring her presents. She keeps falling asleep, but the optional Fatigue Detection helps her to stay awake.

The Driver Fatigue Detection system (also called Rest Assist), available on certain models in the new VW range, monitors driver behavior, noting speed against traffic signals on the road, any erratic steering wheel movements and lane deviations, and alerts the driver – when it detects the driver starts to lose concentration – with an acoustic signal, a visual message displayed on the instrument cluster and steering-wheel vibration.

The German car automaker highlighted the importance of driver assistance systems, especially of the “Front Assist” ambient traffic monitoring system, in another commercial launched recently, dubbed “Kids Dreams”, in which a boy’s life is saved thanks to this safety system, that automatically applies the emergency brake after detecting a pedestrian ahead and no timely reaction from the driver.

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