Virgin Trains TV Advert: Valerie

Virgin Trains has launched a new TV ad, aiming to highlight that journeys with Virgin Trains are peaceful and relaxing, without the stress associated with a traffic ride.

The 30-second spot, created by Anomaly, Virgin Train’s new lead creative agency, and titled “Decision Time, Valerie”, features Valerie, a young woman who must choose the best way to travel to an important job interview.

While her trip by car is featured as a bad experience, with her stuck in a traffic jam, fixing a flat tire and staining, in the process, her clothes, and breaking a heel while getting down, later than scheduled, the journey on a Virgin Train is presented as a pleasant experience, involving comfort, treats from the professional staff, and a delighted smile on her face upon arrival at the train station. At the interview she’s at her best and manages to get the job. The scenario is totally different in the first case, where she’s escorted by a security guard and becomes the protagonist of a viral video on the Internet, posted with the message “Never hire this wrong’un!!!”.

Virgin Trains’ new campaign, which debuted this weekend, will include two new spots, press, OOH, radio, digital and