USPS Informed Delivery Commercial: Meet The Cat Saddle

United States Postal Service has launched a new commercial, promoting Direct Mail and Informed Delivery, the new consumer-facing feature that merges the physical world with digital, providing users with digital previews of their household mail arriving soon.

The spot showcases a young woman bringing his business idea, the first ergonomic feline vacuum seat named “Cat Saddle”, to life.

“You’ve had an amazing idea, and your business has finaly brought it to life. But what’s the most captivating way to tell the world about it? Direct Mail and Informed Delivery, an innovation that merges the physical world with digital. First, customers receive an email featuring a snapshot of your mailpiece. Even better, you can link to digital content that makes your product a must-have. No matter how unique it is. At home, it all comes full circle, when your customers engage with the actual mailpiece, driving them to purchase. One mailpiece, multiple touch points. No other marketing tool offers the same. So whatever your company is selling, you can reach a captive audience and deliver more impressions” – the voiceover says in the 60-second spot.