UNIQLO has launched a new commercial presenting The Story of HEATTECH, the innerwear with moisturizing, smooth texture for the drier seasons, that features heat retaining properties.

The HEATTECH Collection includes a wide range of products such as loungewear, socks, tops and pants, leggins and tights, bra tops and accessories.

“It was a simple but radical idea. A single, thin layer of fabric to fight the cold. Developed with the help of Toray Industries, HEATTECH was born. A revolutionary heat-retaining fabric, HEATTECH uses rayon to wick the body’s moisture and convert it into heat. Air pockets within ultra-thin micro fibres trap the heat and retain it. It’s warmth without the weight. A simple solution to change the way we dress. To change the way we live”, says the voiceover in the 50-second spot.

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