UberEATS Sophie Monk Commercial

Sophie Monk tells people what she will be eating tonight in a spot promoting the food delivery app UberEATS.

The English-born Australian singer/songwriter, who is also an actress, model and radio personality, stars in a 15-second ad, part of Uber’s “Tonight I’ll Be Eating…” campaign, in which she is seen filing her nails on the couch. “Tonight I’ll be eating a monster veggie burger, hash brown and cheesy fries from Dougie’s Grill.” – she says looking at the camera. The next moment, the doorbell is heard and a delivery guy brings her an UberEATS bag with her order.

The spot, aiming to highlight that you can have restaurant-quality food delivered to your door quickly and reliably, is just one in a series of nine, starring other eight celebrities who are declaring their local dinner choices from cities across Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.

The campaign, from Special Group and The Glue Society, also features Beau Ryan, who’s seen relaxing in the bath with Chicken McNuggets, Naomi Watts in a dressing gown ordering cheesy sandwich, fries and pickled cucumber, Boy George painting his nails and having yellow coconut curry, sticky date pudding and custard, Ryan Kwanten, Ryan Maloney, Nic Naitanui, Poh Ling Yeow, and Peter FitzSimons.

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