David Beckham - Tudor Watches Commercial

David Beckham stars in the last commercial released by the Swiss watchmaking brand Tudor.

“Some may dare to follow their dreams. Some may dare to do what it takes. Some may dare the pressure that comes
with success. When the moment arrives, will you dare to be great? Some are born to follow, others are born to dare”, says the voiceover in the 30-second spot, released with the hashtag #BornToDare, and illustrating the idea that Beckham, who dreamed to be a football player ever since he was a child, pursued his dream with determination and made it a reality.

The Tudor collection includes emblematic models such as Black Bay, presented as a “truly iconic watch”, Pelagos, made from lightweight titanium and waterproof to 500 m, North Flag with hybrid steel-ceramic components and Style and since 2015 it has offered mechanical manufacture movements.