Tide PODS Quick Cycle Commercial

Tide promotes its Tide PODS in a new ad, aiming to point out that, with Tide PODS, you will reach the best results even when using the quick cycle on your washing machine.

The 30-second spot begins with a married couple cramming their clothes into suitcases, on the last minute, before going on holiday. When their teenage daughter shows up with a pile of dirty clothes, saying she needs to wash them, the father answers he’s got this and uses Tide PODS because it cleans great, with six times the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle.

The spot ends with the man taking the two suitcases downstairs and meeting, on the hallway, his son, who’s getting out of his room with some dirty clothes in his hands, as well. “Did you just get up?” – the dad asks him. “Aha” – the boy answers. Finally, the voiceover says the brand’s tagline, “It’s got to be Tide”.