Little Girl Superhero in Tide PODS CommercialTide continues its ad campaign promoting Tide PODS with a new commercial, dedicated to Tide PODS Free and Gentle, designed for sensitive skin.

The 30-second spot features a father talking about his little daughter, Emma, who thinks she’s SuperEmma and invents all kind of games involving dirt to act like a superhero. He then mentions that when he and his wife realized the girl is battling sensitive skin, switched to Tide PODS Free and Gentle, mentioning that “it’s gentle on her skin and takes care stains better than the other free and clear detergent, so she can focus on saving the world”. “With a little help from dad.” – he adds, while on screen he is seen holding a fan near her so that she would give the impression the wind is blowing her hair.

The ad also highlights that Tide Free and Gentle doesn’t contain dyes or perfumes and is gentle on skin, while still fighting stains and brightening clothes, and that it is dermatologist recommended.

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