The Beard Club Commercial

The Beard Club has launched a new ad, urging viewers to join the club today.

“I just had a realization, brother, and that’s that a man doesn’t have to do anything to have a beard. He has to do something to NOT have a beard. Yeah, it’s trying to come out of your face and, in fact, it’s longer right now than before you started watching this.” – says a long-haired and long-bearded man standing on a beach and looking at the camera, in the 30-second spot, entitled “The Realization”. “Yeah, stop fighting the waves, start riding them. Join the club today!” – he adds, referring, obviously, to The Beard Club, that requires no fees or committment and provides you with exclusive events and offers.

The Beard Club delivers to your door a range of all-natural beard products including oil, balm, wax and more, growth accelerators, bear gear and apparel. Among the benefits guaranteed by The Beard Club there are also the delivery of its products right at your door, big savings, and giveaways.