Guy Lifting Woman - The Beard Club Commercial

The Beard Club highlights that “You were born to grow” and invites you to maximize your growth and discover your untapped bearded potential in its “Born to Grow” campaign.

One of the spots features a bearded guy bench pressing a young woman in a box ring and telling viewers that “THIS is difficult”. “You know what’s not difficult?” – he asks, giving the answer himself just a few seconds later: “Growing your beard”. “Start growing. I’ll wait.” – he adds, while another woman shows up and touches his beard.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging you to “Grow the beard” and join the Beard Club”.

The Beard Club provides a series of kits (The Starter Kit, The Advanced Kit, and The Legendary Kit) containing various products designed to help you get a “softer and smoother beard”, that are delivered monthly to your door.

The prices usually range between $42 and $71, but now there are discounts as follows: The Standard Kit is $27/month, The Advanced Kit is $37/month, and The Legendary Kit is $47/month. The first two come with a free stainless steel comb, and the third one with a free brush and comb.