Tesco TV Advert

Tesco Ireland had launched a new TV ad centered around the importance of family, not only for Irish people, but also for Tesco.

“Family is hugely important to Irish people, and what Irish families may not realize is how important family is to Tesco too.” – this is the idea behind the 60-second spot, titled “Family Makes Us Better” and featuring real Irish families from all over the country as they go about their daily lives. “Picture your family. Now, what might you reply if I simply asked you “Why?”. Would you start with a belly that miraculously grew? Or go further back to one “Yes” and two “I do’s”? Or might you reflect in time how life through more than one pair of eyes has made you patient, playful, kind? Perhaps you’ll admit it’s not all granted, it’s though and it drives you mad and sometimes just exquisitely bland. It’s stretch marks and growing pains, penciled lines up door frames, unanswered calls and unwashed hair, a silent “sorry”, Tupperware. There are infinite answers that you could give, but perhaps the simplest one might be “Just look at how much more we live when life is filled with family”. – says the voiceover.

Done by Rothco Dublin advertising agency, the advert was directed by Joshua Neale and shot over four days.

The campaign also includes three short spots, running 5-second long, highlighting that “Family Makes Us Fly”, “Family Makes Us Patient” and “Family Makes Us Proud” and ending with Tesco’s tagline, “Every little helps”.