TacoTime $1.99 Fully Loaded Burrito Commercial

TacoTime promotes, in a new ad, the $1.99 Fully Loaded Burrito, available at participating Taco Time locations for a limited time.

The 30-second spot introduces the Fully Loaded Burrito, highlighting that it’s “made with real food”, “real fast”,
and is loaded with seasoned ground beef, refried pinto beans, rich and creamy cheese sauce, and the brand’s world-famous Mexi fries. The voiceover also mentions that you can customize your burrito by picking a sauce from a selection of sauces ranging from mild to blazing hot, including Original, Green Chili, and 5 Alarm. “Whatever your style, load up with a Fully Loaded Burrito and go the extra mile!” – the voiceover adds at the end of the commercial.

The director of marketing for the quick-service restaurant chain described the $1.99 Fully Loaded Burrito as “a steal”, specifying that it offers “more bang for their buck without compromising quality or flavor”. This limited-time deal will be available through February 27, 2018.