Bryce Harper - T-Mobile Commercial

T-Mobile has launched a new ad, starring baseball player Bryce Harper, in order to highlight that you can stream, post and share all things MLB from almost anywhere.

The 30-second spot, promoting the T-Mobile One, the plan enabling you to get unlimited talk, text and LTE data on your smartphone with AutoPay (with taxes and fees are already included in the price), features a fan entering the field and taking a selfie with Bryce Harper. The latter asks the guy how he got there, and the answer he receives is: “Don’t worry, I got T-Mobile. It’s all unlimited, so I’ve got unlimited access to all things MLB.” The fan also touches the Washington Nationals star’s bat and then shows him how “unlimited data meet unlimited grip”.

Eventually, he decides to leave by telling Harper that the guys need him in the bullpen, but makes a fool of himself as he heads towards the dugout.

“We can’t really give every fan access to the field, but we can give you America’s Best Unlimited Network, T-Mobile” – says the voiceover at the end of the spot.

The telecom giant invites you to watch the T-Mobile Home Run Derby, on July 10 at 8 PM ET on ESPN and follow all the action at the Magenta Lounge using #ScoreUnlimited.