Miss Piggy in Swarovski Commercial

Miss Piggy gets ready to join Swarovski on the Fashion Awards red carpet in a new commercial released by the jewelry powerhouse.

The spot features the iconic actress, supermodel and fashion icon, who has been unveiled as the Swarovski red carpet presenter for The Fashion Awards 2017 (taking place on December 4, in London) trying to decide what to wear at the glamorous event. Choosing the perfect outfit isn’t that easy, though. Miss Piggy dreams herself in various dresses (that might remind you of some artists, such as Jennifer Lopez), but – for some reason – all her dreams turn into nightmares. Finally, she wakes up and says she knows what to wear. If you are curious to find out, you must tune in December 4th, as this is for the moment a secret.

Writer and personality Derek Blasberg will join Miss Piggy to host the exclusive livestream from the red carpet for Swarovski.

In 2016, the event, which celebrates the best of British and international talent from the global fashion community and raises funds for the British Fashion Council’s Education Foundation, was presented by iconic designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.

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