Specsavers Rapunzel TV Advert

Specsavers has released a new advert, highlighting that those who cannot get to their local Specsavers store without assistance can have free home eye test thanks to a team of “mobile opticians”.

The 30-second spot features a prince on a white horse making his way to Rapunzel’s tower, where she has been stuck for so long that her eyesight has deteriorated. When he gets to her, it is revealed that he is actually an optician who tests her eyesight because Rapunzel is now an old lady.

“Can’t get to Specsavers unaccompanied? We could come to you.” – the voiceover says at the end of the spot, urging viewers to call 0800 198 1132 if they want to find out if they qualify for a free home eye test.

Specsavers customers can benefit, besides from a free NHS eye test, great offers and high standards of care in the comfort of their own home, according to Specsavers. After an optician conducts the eye test, customers can choose their glasses from a wide range (180 styles) and have them delivered to their house.

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