Sony Google Assistant Commercial - Burnt Turkey

Sony continues its “Enjoy the Present” holiday ad campaign with a new spot, showcasing the brand’s wireless smart speaker with Google Assistant built-in, that can help you with a back-up plan when your dinner gets burnt.

The 30-second spot, titled “The Burnt Dinner Back-Up Plan”, features a woman taking a burnt turkey out of the oven and asking Google what time she set the timer in her attempt to understand why the turkey ended up like that.

Informed that she actually doesn’t have any timer set at the moment, she comes up with the idea of going to the closest takeout, so she asks Google for coordinates. Thus, she finds out that Jade Panda Garden is within 0.8 miles and, at this point, she rushes out, leaving behind the turkey that’s almost turned to ashes.

Sony’s Google Assistant Built-in Wireless Speaker, available for purchase for $99.99 at the brand’s website and also at Best Buy, helps you manage everyday tasks, like setting a calendar event, an alarm, checking traffic, weather, playing music, and controlling your smart devices.


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