SONIC Drive-In Pretzel Dog Commercial

SONIC Drive-In promotes its Premium Pretzel Dogs in a new commercial, highlighting that “watching baseball and eating SONIC’s Pretzel Dog, served on a premium pretzel bun with melted cheese sauce and crispy bacon, can’t be beat”.

The 30-second spot features the famous duo (T.J. Jagodowski as the passenger and Peter Grosz as the driver) in a car at SONIC Drive-In, each of them with a Pretzel Dog in their hands, talking about how it would be like if Pretzel Dogs would be sold at the stadium.

Jagodowski starts imitating an elderly hot-dog seller working at a stadium, urging people to get the Pretzel Dog with melted cheese and crispy bacon, and Grosz, indulging him, starts playing a fan interested in finding out more about the Pretzel Dog. “You’re telling me I can get a hot-dog and a Premium Pretzel Bum with melted cheese sauce and crispy bacon?” – he asks the seller, who answers “Absolutely”. “Oh, no, thanks, I already have one” – adds Grosz, showing off his Pretzel Dog.

The spot ends with the voiceover saying that “Summer’s biggest hit is the Premium Pretzel Dog” and urging you to
get half price shakes & ice cream slushes after 8 pm.