Soak Bathrooms TV Advert

The UK’s most reputable online bathrooms retailer has released a series of new ads, urging viewers to create their dream bathroom with

One of the spots features Becky, a young woman sitting on a crowded bus and trying to ignore the bad smell by thinking of something that makes her happy, her dream bathroom. “It’s Monday, I’m on a bus. Kids are screaming. The man in front really smells. But at least I can think about my dream bathroom.” – are Becky’s thoughts, expressed by the voiceover. Becky goes deep inside her bathroom fantasy, imagining herself in a tub full of bubbles, with candles around her, and takes a step closer to making her dream a reality by visiting, where she finds what she wants at a convenient price.

The advert, featuring a bathroom including bath, basin and toilet at £379, ends with the voiceover inviting you to create your dream bathroom with and with the retailer’s logo, “Bathrooms at your fingertips…”.