Girl in SNHU Commercial

Southern New Hampshire University has launched a new commercial to promote its online degree programs, which are described as “affordable”, “accessible”, and “achievable”.

The 30-second spot, encouraging people to empower themselves with an online degree and to make their dreams come true, features a young girl passionate by photography whose family cannot support her financially so that she could go to college. Determined to achieve her dream of becoming a photographer, she enrolls in an online degree program at the SNHU and studies various techniques, such as snapping nature photographs, while also working in a bar to make a living.

The spot, featuring the 2017 single “Till We Get There” by singer/songwriter Amy Stroup, ends with the onscreen line “Education gives people the power to change their worlds”.

SNHU provides over 200 online programs and all the support needed by students – who are often busy adult learners, throughout the enrolling process and not only.