Snapple Sunburned Mango Commercial

Snapple has released a new commercial, promoting the new Snapple Mango Tea and illustrating the “real fact” #1416,
that “Mangoes can get sunburned”.

The 30-second spot, titled “Vacation”, features a man with a mango instead of head returning to the office after vacation, who’s forced to deal with his coworkers’ jokes about his new look. “How was your vacation? You got a little sun?”, “Ya, you’re looking a little light red, buddy” – ask two of them, making him answer ironically “Very funny, guys”. But when another colleague shows up, asking “Hey, guys, what’s this tomato doing at Randy’s desk?”, Randy loses his temper and smashes the souvenir he brought for him, a small guitar, against the desk, and gives it to him in pieces. “You know that actually reminds me I got you something when I was over there. Just a little something that you would like” – says Randy while destroying the souvenir.

The commercial ends with the voiceover inviting you to “put some flavour in your break with the new Mango Tea”
and adding the brand’s tagline, “Make time for Snapple”.

The Takes 2 to Mango Tea, described as “a delicious blend of our tasty black and green tea leaves with ripe mango flavors” and available in 16oz Singles, 6pk and 12pk Multi Packs, is a permanent addition to the Snapple Tea Portfolio.

The brand of tea and juice drinks, owned by Dr Pepper Snapple Group, is famous for having printed, on the inside of their bottle caps, interesting numbered real facts. The full list of real facts can be seen on the company website.