Snapple Bees Commercial

Snapple Bees Commercial

Snapple urges you to “put some flavor in your break” and “make time for Snapple” in its latest commercial, titled “Bees”.

The 30-second spot, aiming to illustrate the “real fact” #775 found on the inside of a bottle cap by a nurse who has a Snapple during her break, that “Bees are born fully grown”, features a woman dressed in a bee costume, in a delivery room, giving birth to an adult man wearing a bee costume, as well. After stretching a little bit, the latter begins to salute his parents and even the nurse, with whom he seems to be willing to flirt.

The commercial ends with the voiceover inviting you to “put some flavor in your break” and adding the brand’s tagline, “Make time for Snapple”.

The brand of tea and juice drinks, owned owned by Dr Pepper Snapple Group, is well known for printing interesting numbered real facts on the inside of their bottle caps. The List of Snapple Real Fact facts is available on the company website.