Chrissy Teigen (Smirnoff Commercial)

Smirnoff continues its ad campaign starring Chrissy Teigen with a series of new commercials, promoting the brand’s drinks, including Smirnoff Sourced, Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer, and Smirnoff Blue World.

In the spot showcasing the Smirnoff Sourced, the 31-year-old model makes “that annoying blender noise” at a pool party, in front of a couple. “You might think Chrissy Teigen gets her juice from a fancy juice bar” – says the voiceover at the beginning of the spot. “But I don’t.” – “replies” Chrissy, pouring Smirnoff Sourced into her glass cup and mentioning that “Smirnoff Sourced has real fruit juice without that annoying blender noise”. At this point, she starts making the “annoying blender noise” for several seconds, making the couple in front of her look at each other. After stopping from doing the blender noise, she adds that “it (Smirnoff Sourced) has vodka in it” and says “Cheers”.

The global brand of vodka recommends you to add soda to any of its gluten free Smirnoff Sourced flavors and enjoy.
Chrissy Teigen teamed up with Smirnoff earlier this year, in March, and starred in several commercials. In one of them, she drinks the brand’s vodka from a plastic cup, during a night-out with her mother, and in another one she drinks the brand’s vodka while eating a burrito. In a more recent one, she states she drinks Smirnoff because it’s a “great tasting vodka, without any of the nonsense”.