Smart Electric TV Advert

Smart UK showcases the smart electric drive in a new advert, highlighting that it’s “Emission-free road-tax free and huge fun to drive”.

The 30-second spot features a guy photocopying his face at the office to entertain himself and a coworker. When the latter doesn’t show any trace of a smile seeing him with the A4 paper illustrating his face pushed against the xerox, the protagonist goes to the next level and photocopies also his hands, then goes to other colleagues and waves at them.

“Elecricity deserves more fun. A big idea fully electric. Available across the range.” – are the onscreen lines appearing at the end of the spot.

According to the car manufacturer, that’s the only one in the world to offer its full range of vehicles in electric form (from the smart fortwo coupĂ© to the smart forfour), the smart electric drive, with a range of up to 99 miles on a single charge, ensures all the convenience and enjoyment of a regular smart but with zero driving emissions.

Moreover, the running costs are reduced, too, because all smart electric drive models are in Vehicle Excise Duty Band A, so drivers will pay no road tax.