Sling Danny Trejo Barista Commercial

Sling Danny Trejo Barista Commercial

Danny Trejo returns to the small screen in a new ad for Sling TV package A La Carte TV, that enables customers to personalize their channel lineup by adding only the Extras and premium channels they want.

The Machete star plays, this time, a barista in an artisanal coffee shop who makes sure a lady ordering a custom coffee gets exactly what she wants, highlighting, at the end, that, if you’re picky with your coffee, you can get picky also with your TV.

The spot, available as a 15-, 30- and 60-second version, features a woman ordering her favorite coffer while struggling to keep it together. “Hi. May I please have a double shot half almond milk latte with two half pumps of caramel, a light dusting of cinnamon.” – says the customer, almost crying and adding that she wants a heart drawn in the foam. “A broken one?” – asks barista Danny Trejo, making the lady ask “Yeah, how did you know?”.

“If you get picky with your coffee, why not get picky with your TV? – asks then Trejo looking at the camera from behind the counter.

The pay-TV service highlights that, with A La Carte TV, you can build your perfect TV package for $20 per month, picking your personal channel line-up from Extras like comedy, sports, kids, news, and more. There are more than 300 channels across more than 20 language that you can choose from, “without any long-term contracts, credit checks or strong-arm sales tactics”, according to Sling TV.