SGIO Insurance Elephant Commercial

The Australian insurance company SGIO continues its “Don’t Ignore The Obvious” ad campaign with a new ad, featuring Greg ignoring the elephant that’s paying him a visit one morning.

The 30-second spot features Greg getting in his car and backing it up out of the garage, to head to work, ignoring the elephant that’s in front of his garage. “Some things in life are obvious. But we just don’t see them.” – says the voiceover, while Greg, with the elephant near his car window, yawns and keeps ignoring it.

“Like insurance from SGIO that gives you the cover you’d expect at a price you wouldn’t.” – adds the voiceover,
saying, at the end of the spot, the tagline “Don’t Ignore The Obvious”.

SGIO is a provider of car insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, business insurance, travel insurance, boat insurance and caravan insurance in WA, with 90 years of local experience, that offers its customers non-stop claim support service and the possibility to save with its Loyalty Discount.