Serta Mattresses Commercial

Serta Mattresses introduces its Most Advanced Sleep Systems Ever in a new commercial, urging you to “slow down, settle in and chill out in comfort that cools and cradles every curve”.

“Life can be hard. We’re devoted to making it completely comfortable. That’s why we redesigned, re-engineered, and re-imagined the latest Serta iComfort memory foam sleep system.” – announces a female voiceover in the spot, adding that “From first touch and all through the night, it’s now smarter, cooler, and better than ever”.

The voiceover reveals that the secret of delivering cool to the touch comfort instantly “lies just below the surface”, as the brand’s memory foams help dissipate heat and, with dynamic combination, help maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.

Serta informs also that “every iComfort is designed to balance cool, cushioning comfort with deep down support cross every curve of your body”.

“Support where you need it, comfort everywhere. Your sanctuary is now complete.” – says the voiceover at the end
of the ad, inviting you to “experience the perfect balance of cooling, comfort and total support”.