Sears Fitness Werewolf Commercial

“Finding the right workout equipment can be scary. Luckily, Sears is here for you.” – This is the message conveyed by the #1 fitness retailer in America, in its latest ad.

The 40-second spot, titled “Werewolf”, features a chubby werewolf telling to a Sears sales representative that the
evening he chased a bunch of people and didn’t get a single one, all of them running faster than him, was the moment he realized he had to get in shape. The Sears employee, answering that he came in the right place, showcases some of the products in store, such as treadmills, elliptical, stationary bikes. Determined to get fit, the werewolf says he wants to buy them all. “Seriously, dude?” – asks the Sears employee, who then receives a confirmation: “Yeah, all of it. I’ll take it. Bring it up!” – replies the werewolf.

The spot ends with the onscreen line “It’s time to get in shape” and “Shop at America’s #1 Fitness Retailer”.

At Sears you can find also home gyms & stations, power towers, vibration machines, weight benches, weight racks, weight sets, pull up & push up bars, strenght & weight training bundles, foam heavy bags, speedbags, folding panel gymnastic mats, inflatable exercise balls, and many more.