Scotiabank Commercial

Scotiabank highlights, in its latest ad, that people are different and like different things, and that Scotiabank offers more reward options than any other bank.

“People are different. They like different things. Have different tastes. And different tastes.” – says the voiceover in the 30-second spot, referring to people’s preferences for technology or print, for various ice cream flavors, for various snacks while watching a movie, and for various clothing items and colors. “So we offer more reward options than any other bank, so you could choose what you want to earn, how you want to earn it and who you want to share it with.” – adds the voiceover, while on screen a woman who chose to earn travel rewards is shown taking her mother to a special place.

The advert, ending with the onscreen line “It starts with you”, highlights some of the reward options you can choose from, such as cash back, travel, entertainment, retail, and auto.