Samsung Samsung Galaxy S8 Commercial

Samsung has released a short film titled “Music Gives Heart Beats” and made by Mikey Fresh, Senior Music Editor at Vibe, in New Orleans, with his Samsung Galaxy S8, while following up-and-coming artist Pell for the night.

The 60-second spot, set to the rhythms of “Jam”, a fresh original track by Pell, features Mikey Fresh on his 24-hour with no sleep journey. “So what does it mean to be a music reporter? To me, it means being in the right place for my essay, getting the right shot, even if it’s too dark. Follow the artist, you know, get a feel for the people that he surrounds himself with and capture a story from every single angle. Even in 360. Find out who inspires them. Learn whose influences are and get them any way you can. Find out more. Immerse yourself in his world. And when the unexpected happens, I have the right equipment to capture it. Go deeper. Find out what he loves. What makes him who he is and how he defines himself and his work. And you take it all. Everything you learned, everything you experienced. And you share it with the world.” – says Mikey Fresh, who visited one of Pell’s first recording studios, which is not far from the French Quarters, attended a party on Canal street that turned into a concert for Pell, and went at Mama Pell’s house, where he and the other guests enjoyed a true home-cooked meal, complete with lots of crawfish, Old Bay seasoning, shrimp, fresh corn, butter soft potatoes, homemade sausage and a ton of laughs, and heard embarrassing stories from Pell’s childhood days.

The ad highlights that the Samsung Galaxy S8 takes amazing photos regardless of the light and that, thanks to its all-new virtual assistant, Bixby, you can have a text translated instantly.