River Island Anne-Marie Advert

River Island has launched a new campaign in collaboration with the TV network The Box Plus Network, titled “I Am With River Island”, aiming to show that the retailer “is able to cater to multiple types of people and their identities”.

The campaign is fronted by musicians Zak Abel, Anne-Marie, Mullally, Ella Eyre, Nina Nesbitt and Tom Grennan, who shared their personal struggles and the way they managed to overcome those challenges in a six-part series, with each episode running 10 minutes long, developed by Manning Gottlieb OMD and Bauer Media.

The first trailer features Anne-Marie revealing that, “for some reason”, she “never really liked” her body while growing up and how she preferred to cover it with baggy clothes, but also highlighting how music can influence people.

The series will premiere every Thursday at 6 pm on 4Music, 19 October onwards.