RetailMeNot Commercial: Woman and Shaggy Dog

RetailMeNot, the American multinational company that maintains a collection of coupon web sites, has released a new
ad to highlight that you can earn cash back in just one click.

“RetailMeNot makes saving money as easy as shopping at all your favorite stores.” – the voiceover says at the beginning of the 30-second spot featuring a woman sitting on a sofa in her backyard and looking on her smartphone at various offers on RetailMeNot available for a range of products including sweaters from Macy’s, men shirts from JCPenney, and kitchen utensils from Kohl’s. When her dog shows up at her feet, staring her, she looks at him, as well, and doesn’t think twice before buying a colorful coat for him, from Kohl’s, that comes with the chance to get $15 back on orders greater than $75. After clicking on it, the dog jumps in her lap, as if he knows she has a surprise for him, and activates the Cash Back with his paw.

The voiceover also says that you can earn cash back, up to $30 with just one click, adding “That’s all there is to it”. “Who’s happier than a shaggy dog getting cash back?” – the voiceover asks at the end of the spot, before saying the company’s tagline, “Yours for the saving”.

Throghout the ad it is also specified that the deals shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not be available.

For current offerings, you are advised to see RetailMeNot.