RetailMeNot Commercial - Hole in the Bucket

RetailMeNot continues its ad campaign promoting the possibility for the website’s users to claim up to $30 in one
click with a new commercial, titled “Drop in the Bucket”.

The 15-second ad, soundtracked by an original song specifically created for the ad, features several persons who find themselves dealing with some unexpected issues in their everyday life, such as a hole in the bucket used to wash the car, a hole in the window, a hole in the milk box and in the sweater. However, they know that, “for life’s holes there’s RetailMeNot”, so they go to the website, buy what they need to replace the broken things, getting the chance in the process to claim up to $30 cash back.

The spot also informs that the deals shown (sweaters from Macy’s, with the possibility to get $30 cash back and bucket from Ace, with the possibility to get $15 cash back) are for illustrative purposes only and may not be available and advises viewers to see RetailMeNot for current offerings.