Reebok CrossFit Athletes Commercial

Reebok has launched a new commercial, starring Reebok Canada CrossFit Athletes, to show “what it’s like to be more

The 60-second spot, titled “The Moment”, similar to BodyArmor’s “Obsession is Natural” campaign, aims to highlight which is the moment that makes a difference between the good and the great. “I shut everything out. Focus in. My
muscles tighten. And I think to myself: Can I do this?”, “It’s in that moment when you have to make a decision, either turn back or go forward.”, “I failed a hundred times, but it’s that split second you break through that makes it all worthwhile.”, “It’s more than just fitness. It’s a choice, it’s an attitude, it’s the way I approach everything in my life.”, “All it takes is a moment to push on or give up. It’s this moment that separates the good from the great” – say the CrossFit athletes, while they are shown training hard in the gym.

The spot ends with them looking at the camera, some of them with their arms crossed around their chest, and with the voiceover saying “This is what it’s like to be more human”.

Among the Reebok-sponsored CrossFit athletes there are Competitive Powerlifter & ReebokONE Ambassador Mike Farr, Running Coach & ReebokONE Expert Contributor Nate Helming, Strength Training Athlete/Coach & ReebokONE Ambassador Artemis Scantalides, Dance Fitness Trainer & ReebokONE Ambassador Jenn Hall, Performance Trainer & ReebokONE Ambassador Marc Lebert, Reebok athlete, six-time CrossFit Games competitor & 2014 Fittest Woman on Earth Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Personal Trainer & ReebokONE Ambassador Lindsey Fox, and others.