Rabobank Commercial

The Dutch multinational banking and financial services company Rabobank highlights that we can grow a better world together in its latest ad.

“Do you have a moment? Imagine that there is enough healthy food for everyone. Can you see it? Imagine that we
can produce more food without overtaxing the Earth, that we revive agricultural land and waste fewer resources. Imagine that no one has to leave their home to flee famine and that there are fewer conflicts. Now imagine that it’s a bank working towards this vision.” – the voiceover says in the 60-second spot, featuring people from all over the world closing their eyes in front of the camera and trying to imagine all these scenarios.

“A bank founded by and for farmers. That understands you and achieve more together. And knows all about food and
how to grow it. Imagine that we help kick-start the smartest innovations but our customers and partners on a global scale. And join to address the biggest food issues on six continents. Imagine that we can solve the world food together. And you can count on us. Growing a better world together.” – the voiceover adds at the and of the spot.