Quorn TV Advert

Quorn Foods has launched a new advert, urging viewers to enjoy a low in saturated fat Thai curry version with Quorn Meat Free Pieces.

The 20-second spot features Steve, a teenager who makes his mates jealous of his cooking skills by adding a squeeze of lime and coriander to Quorn pieces when he prepares the Thai curry version with Quorn Meat Free Pieces.

The spot ends with Steve and his friends enjoying the Thai curry in the living room, with a girl putting on his head a chef hat. The voiceover adds the brand’s tagline, “A delicious nutritious protein source”.

The brand, offering meat substitute products, invites you to discover, at its website, its range of products and recipes, including Easy Firecracker Flatbread Pizza Recipe, Quorn Meat Free Pieces, Quorn Meat Free Pieces Keralan Curry, and more.

Quorn products are made with Mycoprotein, which is, according to the brand, “a delicious source of sustainable protein, because it’s high in protein and fibre, and it contains all of your essential amino acids, as well as it being low in saturated fat”.