Puma Future Commercial - Antoine Griezmann

PUMA showcases its brand new FUTURE boots in a new commercial starring Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann, the one who wore them for the first time in the Madrid city derby against Real last month, in November.

Titled “The FUTURE is Grizi”, the 30-second spot aims to highlight that, despite being shunned by major clubs for being too small as a young boy, Griezmann has achieved against all odds and written his own future. “The journey is long. Sometimes we get kicked back. They say ‘You’re too small.’, ‘You’re not strong enough.’, ‘You will never succeed.’. But we say… ‘Welcome to the FUTURE.’, ‘Welcome to our world.’, ‘Welcome to my FUTURE’.” – the voiceover says, while in the background footage of Griezman as a young boy, as well as images of him sporting the FUTURE boots and joggling a football are seen.

The FUTURE boot features the brand’s NETFIT technology, which includes NETFIT upper fused to the evoKNIT sock and striking zones to ensure “the perfect fit for the perfect touch”, and a fully customizable lacing system that allows the wearer to lace up any way they want.