Kaley Cuoco in Priceline Commercial

Kaley Cuoco stars in a new ad promoting Priceline.com, a commercial website that helps users find discount rates for travel-related purchases such as airline tickets and hotel stays.

“Booking a flight at the last minute doesn’t have to be expensive.” – says the Simple Rules star, urging viewers to “just go at Priceline”, mentioning that “it’s the best place to book a flight a few days before the trip and still save up to 40%.” “Just tap and go!” – says the 31-year-old actress, adding that while she’s gone she can even check on her baby (aka her dog, Jack) with a doggie cam. As she starts talking sweet to Jack, she gets to see him taking something out of her purse and then turning off the doggie cam.

“And if you need to get back home like right now, Priceline has you covered.” – says Kaley at the end of the spot.

The actress, also known for her role as Penny in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, a regular on Priceline.com commercials as the daughter of William Shatner’s character.