Porsche Office Chair Commercial

Porsche presents the brand’s new Office Chair, now available in over 100 colours, in a 60-second spot, highlighting that it will give you “that sports car feeling – even after you arrive at the office”.

“When we’re young, our imagination knows no bounds. We dream of how we’ll conquer the future and how we’ll become heroes. We imagine how we’ll always follow our ideas and our schedule.” – says the voiceover in the ad, which features a young boy sitting at a desk and imagining that he’s driving a Porsche.

At some point, a phone rings and we get to see a man at the desk, declining the phone call, taking his car keys and leaving the office. “It’s great when we’re old enough to realize our dreams” – adds the voiceover, implying that the man is driving the Porsche he dreamed of having since he was a kid.

The new office chair, described “as individual as you are”, is the original 4-way Plus sport seat as featured in the current Porsche 911 and boasts seat surface and armrests made of Porsche original Black vehicle interior leather, continuous height adjustment, electrical backrest adjuster powered by rechargeable battery, adjustable armrest with hook for jacket on rear and Porsche Crest embossed on the head, shell made of Grey-Silver composite, hub base with 5 castors for optimum comfort on both hard and soft floor.