Pillsbury Christmas Commercial: Santa

Pillsbury has launched its Christmas ad campaign, highlighting that “Some gifts can’t be bought”.

The spot begins with Santa asking several kids what gifts they want this year and with the kids telling him the toys they wish to have. “A bear”, “a cement truck and a garbage truck”, “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer stuffed animal”, “a unicorn” or “a telescope” – are some of the answers given by the children sitting in his lap.

But this year, Santa asked kids a different question. He asked them to name the gifts they already have, which made them to change their perspective on gifts. “My mom, because she feeds me”, ‘my mom and my dad”, “I love my mom because she’s very kind and she’s smart and respectful” “my grandma always hugs me when I’m sad or lonely”, “a great roof and a great house”, “my family and being alive”, “Family”, “All of us in the family. Even me!” – the little ones say.

The spot ends with the tagline “Some gifts can’t be bought.” and with the invitation for viewers to share the gifts they have that #CantBeBought.