Kids Logrolling - Orkin Pest Control Commercial

Orkin Pest Control highlights, in a new TV commercial, that The Orkin Man always relies on science to get rid of pests.

The 30-second spot, dubbed “Rollers”, features a pest control operator from Orkin going to a family’s home where she was called in to exterminate some termites. Arriving in the backyard, the operator sees the woman’s kids rolling on a wood log in the pool and asks her how long they have been doing that. “Since they felled them.” – the woman answers and then asks the children where they have seen “that termite”. Seeing the log pile near the house, the Orkin employee tells the woman that those logs can attract termites and assures her that she will create, using research from the company’s entomologist, a termite protection plan “that’s not only backed by Orkin, but backed by science”.

Orkin states that they use “the latest technology and unparalleled training” so they can protect your home with “an
effective plan suited to your specific needs”.