Old Spice Krakengard Commercial

Old Spice promotes its Wild Collection in a new ad, urging viewers to buy Old Spice.

The 30-second spot, dubbed “Beach Budz”, features two moms walking on the beach and enjoying the ocean breeze when an Old Spice advertisement is “dropped” by parachutes carrying the message “Be a cool guy with Old Spice”. At this point, one of the moms says that the respective advertising is “pathetic” and expresses her amazement regarding “the things brands do to advertise to boys”. The other mom, who confirms that it is “ridiculous”, tells her that she’s so glad she can talk to her and then, turning to the camera, adds “about the responsible fresh smell of Old Spice Wild Collection”, revealing that she’s advertising the Old Spice products, as well, but to moms.

The spot ends with a teenage boy dancing on the beach, an octopus arriving on the beach from the ocean in a boat, and one of the moms saying “The best mom is me”. Eventually, the Old Spice whistle can be heard.