Woman in Ohio Lottery Christmas Commercial

Ohio Lottery encourages people, through its Christmas ad, to “add a little cheer” to their holidays, this festive season.

The film, released with the hashtag #AddALittleCheer, features several travellers in an airport around Christmas time, waiting for their delayed flight. They are tired and willing to get some rest or an occupation to fill their time until 6.30 the next morning, when the plane is set to take off. An old lady is seen crocheting, a woman is looking into her smartphone, a man is putting his headphones on, another woman who has a cold and is blowing her nose, covers herself with her jacket in an attempt to keep the cold away.

A woman decides to spread a little joy around her, so she purchases lottery tickets and hands them over to those waiting in the airport. As she does that, Christmas lights come on and the people’s faces brighten up.

The spot, showing then how the travelers get all together, talking to each other and sharing gingerbread, closes with the tagline “Add a little cheer to your holidays”.

The campaign, created by Marcus Thomas, US, will run on local broadcast and social media channels.