Nokia Commercial

Nokia showcases its digital health products in a short film, featuring a family in their home, that stay healthier together.

The clip, described as a “shoppable 360 VR experience”, has been created using Nokia’s OZO virtual reality technologies: an OZO+ camera and OZO Creator, whose ability to export depth maps enabled the computer graphic elements to be easily and seamlessly be integrated into the video. “At Nokia, we’ve been thinking about health and we think that health isn’t how fast you can run or how much you can lift, but how you and your loved ones see it. Health starts at home, with the people that matter, in the place where you live, and so we’ve designed a suite of products that seemlessly fit into your daily routine.” – says the voiceover at the beginning of the film, mentioning there are “no fiddly buttons” or “confusing

Nokia’s range of digital health products includes smart devices, like a hairbrush that can tell you how healthy your hair is, a thermometer that takes the guesswork and worry out of your children’s health, that won’t forget who it’s reading or how they can feel it, scales that know who’s standing on them and help you understand what’s going on with your body, even your heart, while providing you with the inspiration to meet your goals, on which and that can be used for weighting even your newborn, a watch that actually looks and feels like a watch, but can also track your heart rate, the steps you’ve walked, and let you know when mom has sent a text, a camera that looks out for those you love and at the same time checks the air quality.

The brand highlights that its approach is “to make caring for your health easy” by using “simple smart insights through beautifully made technology” and the Health Mate App, which links all the digital health products in one place, giving users a 360-degree picture of their family’s health, as well as insights and personalized ideas on how to live even healthier through the whole day, from the moment they wake till they close their eyes, even while they sleep.