Muller Commercial - Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger returns to the silver screen in a new advert for Müller, promoting the brand’s White Velvet range of yogurt.

The famous singer appears in the 30-second spot dressed in a long white dress, posing sensually among white curtains, holding a pot of Müller White Velvet. “New Müller White Velvet… Plain yogurt is now more müllerdelicious. So creamy, so thick, so delicious. Who ever thought plain yogurt could taste so good?” – Nicole’s voice is heard asking in the background. Her sensual moves among curtains end with a not so sensual fall to the ground after she stumbles. However, this doesn’t stop her from continuing to indulge herself with the Müller White Velvet.

The advert ends with the voiceover saying “New Müller White Velvet… A Plain yogurt that taste müllerdelicious”.
The White Velvet is available in 450g pot format since 25 September in an original and light valiant, each retailing at $1.60.

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