Chihuahua Dolly Pawton in Missguided Advert

Missguided continues its #KEEPONBEINGYOU campaign, aiming to encourage all women to embrace their flaws, ignore
the haters, and celebrate what makes them unique, with a new advert, featuring Dolly Pawton, a chihuahua took
Instagram by storm in 2016, has taken Instagram by storm with her amazing street style. Her being a voice of support for the LGBTI community is another factor that contributed to her becoming more and more famous and having thousands of followers on the social network.

The 30-second spot features Dolly, who is presented as “a LGBTQ+ activist and a firm believer in female empowerment”, sporting various colorful outfits (note: her wardrobe is inspired by the likes of Madonna) in various places from London, while her message is conveyed through subtitles. “I’m Dolly Pawton, apart from being f*ckin’ fabulous, I’m a fashion icon, stylist and LGBTQ+ activist.” – Dolly introduces herself, continuing then her “speech” by mentioning that she’s “most inspired by strong women, being raised by two helps” (She is raised by married couple Stella and Lucy) and that, to her, “female empowerment means having a voice, using it and not givin’ a f*ck!”. The London-based Instagram star also reveals her top tips for self confidence: “knowing yourself and not changing for anyone.”, “Always do what makes you feel good and surround yourself with the people who love who you truly are”.

The advert ends with the onscreen lines “Keep On Being You. It’s a Really Great Look”.

The “KeepOnBeingYou” campaign also features 19-year-old model Salem Mitchell, London-based musician Seann Miley Moore, Pandemonia (fashion world’s most famous latex doll), model and creator from New Jersey Taylor Khoi, and others.