Mercury Insurance Commercial: The Cheapskates

Mercury Insurance continues its “The Cheapskates” campaign with a new commercial, highlighting that there is “a smarter way to save” and that “Mercury Insurance agents are here to help you save money on your insurance so you don’t have to be a cheapskate”.

The spot features a young couple at the candle light in their living room giving to each other, for their anniversary, the same gift. First, he hands over to her a gift wrapped in pink paper, wishing her “Happy Anniversary!”, she takes it and, after acting surprised, puts it in a gift bag, near the table. She then takes the same gift bag and gives it to her partner, who – taking out the pink gift box – says “Thank you!”. “You’re welcome!” – she answers with a large smile on her face. But the surprises are not over. He then asks her to close her eyes and, once she does that, he places the pink gift box in front of her and tells her to open it, saying again “Happy Anniversary!”.

The auto insurance provider also highlights that “Nobody likes a re-gifter” and that “it might be time to find a new way to save money”. The tagline “A smarter way to save” appears at the end of the spot, after an onscreen line invites people to switch to Mercury.

The Cheapskates campaign features various other bizarre ways to save money, such as using a bowl to cut your kid’s hair, using the neighbor’s sprinklers for showering, sharing your clothes with your significant other, relying on free samples to fill your dinner plate, and more.

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