Mercedes-Benz Commercial: Crying Baby

Mercedes-Benz highlights the importance of using Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreen wipers in a hilarious new commercial.

The 35-second spot, dubbed “Baby”, features a dad who, in his attempt of making his crying baby fall asleep, takes him for a ride with his Mercedes-Benz. The little one manages to fall asleep eventually, but when the man starts using the windscreen wipers, which are squeaking, he wakes up and start crying again.

“Almost fitting is not fitting. Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreen wipers.” – are the final onscreen lines.

According to the car manufacturer, genuine windscreen wipers provide you with optimal visibility in any season and in any weather. Their special rubber compound ensures very quiet operation even under extreme conditions and a long service life. Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreen wipers, featuring a custom-tailored curvature of the spring rail to match the curvature and size of the windscreen of the car, ensure faultless wiping without annoying noises.

Moreover, they have an innovative maintenance indicator that informs drivers unmistakably whether a wiper replacement is called for.