Mercedes-Benz EQ Power Commercial

Mercedes-Benz presents the EQ pre-entry climate control in a new commercial, showing the impact this feature has
on the surrounding.

The 30-second spot illustrates the idea of hot summer day through an indoor thermometer whose thin thread of mercury is rising, a drop of sweat pouring down a woman’s neck, and an ice cream melting into a boy’s hand. A man is seen then using the Mercedes me mobile app to turn the Pre-Entry Climate Control feature on and set the car’s air conditioning remotely, so that it’s the right temperature already when he gets into the car.The ad then shows that the car owner set the temperature at 18 degrees Celsius and the boy is enjoying his ice cream in the back seat, and ends with the onscreen line “Discover the plug-in hybrids with EQ Power”.

The vehicle showcased in the spot is C 350 e Estate.

The automaker states that its plug-in hybrids feature the “dynamism and efficiency of an electric motor with external charging function for daily driving in the city combined with the range of an internal combustion engine”.

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