Mercedes-AMG Commercial

Mercedes-Benz Canada has launched an innovative commercial, aiming to create for viewers an experience that delivers the thrill of an AMG engine in a “truly visceral way”.

Titled “Hearing is Believing”, the 30-second spot opens with the onscreen lines “They say seeing is believing. We think hearing is believing.” and continues – in an attempt to heighten the viewers’ sense of sound by depriving them of their sense of sight – with the sound of an AMG engine, while the screen is all-black.

The commercial ends with a Mercedes-Benz AMG in the dark with its headlights lit.

The AMG engine, “developed not just to perform, but to outperform”, according to the automaker, is just one of the many high-performance weapons in the company’s engineering arsenal. Mercedes-Benz also states that “every single engine in a Mercedes-Benz 45, 63 or 65 model is handcrafted by its own highly trained master engine builder, and in accordance with the strictest quality standards”.

The AMG range includes sedans, coupes, SUV&Wagons, convertibles & roadsters.

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