Mentos Say Hello Commercial

Mentos shows you “a better way to say hello” in its latest commercial, promoting the new limited edition Mentos Say Hello, a product that turns every candy, with the taste of orange and raspberry, into a little help to connect. How? Through 34 challenges printed on each dragee.

The 60-second spot, created by Slovenian agency Agencija 101, features various persons who, after saying “Hello” to other persons due to the nature of their job and are ignored, offer a Mentos instead, with a challenge printed on the candy, such as “High five”, “Fist Bump”, “Chest Bump”, “Hug”, “Air Guitar”, and “Propose”. Thus, their first interaction is less awkward and definitely more fun.

The brand urges all social media users to get involved in the Mentos Say Hello game, which is presented at the Facebook page Mentos HR.